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Time in the dusty old town area in Alghero on the Nor
th West coast of Sardinia seemed to crawl, in the most blissful of ways. However all of a sudden i find myself back at my adopted home in London reflecting on my first little adventure in Europe.

Part European adventure full of history and relics, pa
rt beach holiday, this is a place that i could easily lose several months to.

The beach.

There is lots of variety of beaches from the resort like Main Beach area in Alghero, situated near the old
town and next to the Mariner, to little rocky nooks hidden beneath the wall of the old town, to the absolutely superbly-magnificently-beautiful (!) La Pelosa Beach.

As we travelled in August, which is the busiest holiday time in Europe, the one constant was people - people everywhere! I thought Bondi got packed, then i realised that the Europeans are used to being tightly packed. . . Being that i am a tourist, this didn't bother me one bit. In fact i kind of enjoyed this feeling of being in the middle of everything.

A little poem i jotted down when at one of the little rocky beaches:

A rocky beach,
in the mid day sun.

Waves lap against rocks
and water washes up on the pebbly shore.

A distant motor whirrs in the background
carrying a fisherman to his favourite spot.

Gentle wind brings snippets of lazy tongue
from bronzed Romans.

The rest of the town sleeps.

The food and eating culture

Well, we ate we ate we ate, and we drank drank drank. . . well to be fair, not Kari, she is 6 months pregnant!!

We were very restrained though - having most break
fasts and the majority of lunches at home. This then left the evening for splurging! And we certainly did.

A typical dinner consisted of :

Starters at home: cheese, prosciutto, olives and fresh bread with a glass o
r two of wine.

Seafood pasta - lobster spaghetti, gamberi(prawn) & chilli linguine, seafood marinara
Fresh seafood - whole fish, shellfish and king prawn
Pizza - wow! the pizza is amazing!

We would then take a walk along the wall of the old town, which overlooked the ocean,
and enjoy gelato - from melone and limone to the more devilish chiocolatto and baci - yum!

Finally our night might end up with a night-cap before getting home to find that our sleepy little square had been turned into a throbbing after hours bar.

An Ode to An Old Love

It's a lazy lover
living up to expectation
every time

And every morning
I curse my weakness,
then strengthen my resolve.
Determined, never to be


A false expectation
greets me at each new destination
As if, somehow, here,

it will be different.

What i used to fear to be true
I now know is.

We are but false friends.

I will no longer burn the midnight oil
for you.

Nor will you swallow up
fresh faced mornings sparkling with promise

Old friend, red wine,
you voluptuous seductress
you corrupting nectar,
we had many a good time,

but from n
our days
are numbered.

Spectacular Sunsets

I could not talk about Sardinia without mentioning the amazing sunsets.
Wow! Breathtaking.
Each night seemed to out-do the night before.
I don't know what more to say, an experience that never fails to amaze, and most always defies description.


All for now.

Next chapter will probably come in a week or two when i have figured out exactly what i think of this town called London.

All my love

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