Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Hey everyone,

So, i have been pretty terrible with my blog. . . what can i say. .. sorry!

I haven't really felt inspired to write, cos i suppose i was dealing with the difficulties of realising a new life abroad. I was kind of agoraphobic for a while actually, but slowly slowly i have started to venture outside and enjoy the world around me. i've got time, so there is no rush right!

My time in London was spend with my darling sister and her hubby Chris, my new bro. They were so hospitable to me, and put me up the whole time i was there, so it was great. More so, because i hadn't really spent any time with my sis for a really long time. And also, it is a special time in her life as she is expecting her first bubba in the next month or so. So, i have really enjoyed being a part of her/their lives at this special time!

In terms of my feelings for London, they are kinda mixed. I can see the great things about the city, but i suppose it is not really what i am searching for right now. . so it left me kinda cold.

The shopping is great, if not full on (i felt at times like shopping in Top Shop would induce a heart attack!) and the music culture is great as is the history. But i feel a little bit like it is borrowed, or stolen. I was searching for the British identity, for London. . . but it just seemed really superficial and a bit fake. . . hmmmm

I enjoyed going to museums and saw some amazing music concerts (i was there when the proms were on, that is classical music stuff) and i had some fun nights out. But to be honest the highlight for me was shopping. And if that is the highlight, it makes me feel a bit sad. . cos although it is fun. . .it is a bit shallow !!!

So here are a few pics from London, some birthday stuff and a few tourist sights.

The London Eye.

Dad on his birthday

kari's sumptuous cooking!

I think this is the houses of parliment? Anyway, it is a cool building!

Chris' birthday


Nottinghill Carnival fun

Hope you are all well, much love.
Janey fonda mad dog Rhonda.

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