Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Brittany, Tredion and surrounds

Hello France! Finally!

I was so excited to get to France, that perhaps i didn't allow myself to enjoy London. anyway, i am here now, and loving it!

First stop was a family trip to Brittany, specifically near the centre of Vannes, in a tiny little town called Tredion. We stayed at a 14th C chateau, which was pretty magnificent, if not a little quirky - but i think quirk is part of the charm any way!

My sleeping quarters. . . it was quite pokey let me tell you!

We travelled with my parents, Kari and Chris, family friends the Wallaces (Michelle, Ian and Sam). So we were a merry troupe. As we were with the over 60 set, lots of our time was spent looking at cute little villages, and artsy craftsy stuff.

Cute door! In cute village!

Cute Village!

The other thing of note was the amount of EATING! Holy crap! I think i put on at least 5 kgs over the course of the 2 weeks. There was delicious fresh bread at every turn, loads of pates, fois gras, rillette, etc etc. . and cheese, stinky soft cheese! Yum. . .and alcohol! Cheap as chips wines and yummy beers. Not getting drunk mind you. . . but just constant drinking, one or 2 with every meal (except breakfast!).


I had my 30th birthday during this trip. And to be honest it was a bit of a non event. . .but who cares, i feel like this whole trip is my birthday, and it is at least my present (my parent gave me the ticket overseas as my 30th present). On reflection, i think i did all the freaking out about my age last year at 29, and now it doesn't phase me. What am i gonna do about it? Change it? Well. . .i do look younger than my age, so i can certainly get away with trimming a few years off when asked if i feel so inclined! ;)

So Brittany, was great. I love the French country side. The Brittons (?) are every friendly, once we found our local Bar and went there 2 times, the 3rd time there were hand shakes and kisses. We were accepted! Excellent, the cold stares were starting to disuade me a bit!

That is it for now.


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